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Audinate: Dante Certification Level 2 – Intermediate Dante Concepts

Presented by: Jim Zagryn; Symco’s Audio Specialist


Level 2 Certification tests proficiency of intermediate Dante audio networking concepts, including Dante redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast.

Jim Zagryn, Symco


Liberty Certified Connections

Presented by: Ralph Parrett



Best practices instruction on a variety of connectors and technologies.

Ralph Parrett, Liberty

Embracing a New Paradigm in AV

Presented by: Kevin Morrison, Utelogy

CTS RU: .5

As the way we work changes, the workplace must change as well.  The need for efficiency and creating an environment that is attractive to recruit new employees and retain existing staff is now of paramount importance as many organizations focus more on the value of their people.  The equipment must be enterprise-grade, network-connected, secure and able to be managed and monitored and operated to provide IT/Enterprise levels of service. For the AV industry overall, these newer technologies are helping organizations move away from their ‘black box’ approach and there is a renewed focus for companies to provide results over technologies.  


Kevin Morrison, Utelogy


How to Deliver A Pervasive AV Experience Across the IT Enterprise

Presented by: Bill Tinnel, Utelogy



All enterprise AV installations should be the result of an outlined architectural vision that includes IT security, IT grade transport mechanisms, manageability/monitorability, price-performance and features, in that order. From this reference architecture organizations can deliver a better end-user experience and more efficient deployments.

Bill Tinnel, Utelogy


Beyond the Noise – Sound Masking Optimized for Integrators

Presented by: Tom Zimmerman, Cambridge Sound Management

CTS RU: .75


Take a fresh look at the next generation of sound masking and how this technology continues to expand integrator’s opportunity for success at an impressive pace. Truly understand the science behind the masking of human speech while dismissing the myths, fears, and folklore of “White Noise Systems”. This course looks deeply into the role modern architecture plays in terms of technology selection while developing the skills necessary to maximize sound masking performance. Attendees will learn how to identify sound masking opportunities, understand the concepts behind differing approaches to sound masking, and identify the architectural challenges surrounding the “speech privacy” crisis. 

Tom Zimmerman, Cambridge Sound Management


Lightware Cisco Touch 10 Webex Room Solution

Presented by: Steve Sansom; VP of Sales, Lightware


This exciting and fast paced training will show you everything you need to know to easily integrate Lightware AV with Cisco Webex Room Systems, and will include learning how to:

  • Expand Cisco Webex Room Systems to accommodate more AV inputs as well as multiple video formats such as HDMI, USB-C and DisplayPort

  • Extend connectivity over CAT6 to support remote displays and sources

  • Control displays, media devices, mic mute sync, environmental control and more, all from the Cisco Touch 10 touchscreen

Steve Sansom, Lightware


Understanding Personality Types for Increased Productivity and Success

Presented by: Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts


Building relationships, servicing clients, working in teams, and managing projects all rely on one’s ability to work well with other people. Since the world is comprised of a wide variety of individuals, the ability to get along and thrive in inter-personal situations can be challenge. This is especially true when considering multi-disciplinary activities or work teams involving sales, marketing, engineering, project management, and programming such as in the AV industry. By understanding how a person is “wired”, challenges can be overcome leading to successful engagement and outcomes.  It all starts with first understanding your own makeup and how you are received by others.  Then, through the ability to assess other peoples’ personality, adjustments can be made in communication styles, approach, and tempo to yield positive and productive results. This interactive session will utilize personality profiles to demonstrate behavioral differences of the four main types of people and apply this knowledge to day-to-day business in the AV industry.

Steve Greenblatt

Control Concepts


Factors to Consider: LED vs Projector Solution

Presented by: Troy Cobb, Digital Projection Inc.

CTS RU: 1.5


The class covers DLP technology, including single chip, 3-chip, DCI 4K vs 4K UHD, Pixel Shift Technology (4K and 8K), Installation factors for installing a projector. The class then shifts to LED Wall technology to include: Pixel-Pitch, how pixel-pitch determines viewing distance, LED Wall Resolution and how it relates to Pixel-Pitch, Power for an LED Wall as it compares to projector power, Light output as it compares to a projector (explanation of NITS vs Lumens). A final summary of Factors to Consider when talking to a client that is considering LED or Projection.

Troy Cobb, DPI


Ambient Light Rejection Screens – The Perfect Screens for an Imperfect World

Presented by: Manfred Frieberger, Screen Innovations


Understanding ALR is important for everyone using projection. Participants will learn to understand ALR, what is myth and what is reality. Different types of ALR screens. Facts and incorrect marketing information. Correcting the myth that projection cannot be used under extreme ambient lighting conditions. Explain optical ALR technology as the most effective solution. Vertical and horizontal lighting control. The course also covers the history of projection and explains why we need ALR technology more than ever. It covers changes in projection technology.

Manfred Frieberger,

Screen Innovations

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
AVIXA Women’s Council and Diversity Council Presentation

Presented by: AVIXA  



All are welcome!  In this presentation, speakers will talk about their own AV journey to the group.  Included a special speaker representing the Diversity council to talk about how Minority AV workers can incorporate coping skills to deal with indifference and preserve/manage their mental health and power through to their goals.