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*Class only available in DC location. 


Beyond the Noise- Sound Masking Optimized for Integrators 

Presented by: Scott Cizek from Cambridge Sound Management 

CTS RU: 0.75

Take a fresh look at the next generation of sound masking and how this technology continues to expand integrator’s opportunity for success at an impressive pace. Truly understand the science behind the masking of human speech while dismissing the myths, fears, and folklore of “White Noise Systems”. This course looks deeply into the role modern architecture plays in terms of technology selection while developing the skills necessary to maximize sound masking performance. Attendees will learn how to identify sound masking opportunities, understand the concepts behind differing approaches to sound masking, and identify the architectural challenges surrounding the “speech privacy” crisis.     

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Scott Cizek



Cisco Touch 10 integrations with Lightware

Presented by: Steve Samson from Lightware, Inc.

CTS RU: 1.5


Learn how easy it is to use Lightware's Cisco Webex Room Solution with online configuration tool to expand, extend and control rooms natively from the Cisco Touch 10 Touchscreens. No custom programming or control processors necessary!


Steve Samson

Lightware, Inc.

"Why ALR?" - Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Technology 

Presented by: Lisa Kirtley from Screen Innovations


In this course you will be reviewing the history of ALR technology and what the advantages are versus standard while and grey screens. 

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Lisa Kirtley

Screen Innovation 


How to Create a Managed Service Offering

Presented by: William Tinnel from Utelogy



The surge in open platforms and cloud-based services that has greatly improved other industries has finally made its way into AV in recent years.  For the AV industry overall, open technologies are helping organizations move away from their 'black box' approach and there is a renewed focus for companies to provide results over technologies.  Vendors that provide open platforms and cloud-based services are designing their business models to create opportunities have to do with the speed of doing business - a critical factor to gaining competitive advantage among today's ever-growing crowd of agile competitors.  

There are four enterprise-specific opportunities for new revenue:
- Ongoing improvements from IoT insights
- Technology delivering business outcomes
- Streamlined collaboration
- Enhanced customer/user experience


William Tinnel



Understanding personality Types 

Presented by: Steve Greenblatt from Control Concept


Since the world is comprised of a wide variety of individuals, the ability to get along and thrive in inter-personal situations can be a challenge. This is especially true when considering multi-disciplinary activities or work teams involving sales, marketing, engineering, project management, and programming such as in the AV industry. By understanding how a person is “wired”, challenges can be overcome leading to successful engagement and outcomes. It all starts with first understanding your own makeup and how you are received by others. Then, through the ability to assess other peoples’ personality, adjustments can be made in communication styles, approach, and tempo to yield positive and productive results.


Steve Greenblatt

Control Concept


Technology Infrastructure; Connection Management in Floors, Wall, Ceilings and Furnitures

Presented by: Glenn Collinge from FSR


Today’s designs demand a variety of communications and multi-media capabilities. This course will guide architects engineers and interior designers through the convergence of technology with building design. 
Audio visual and communication applications in various spaces will be covered and connectivity requirements associated with them will be discussed. How AV and IT technologies impact the structure, as well as housing the connectivity components associated with these technologies in ceilings, walls and floors. Conductivity and cable management solutions in floors walls ceilings and furniture will be presented. Where technology infrastructure can promote health safety welfare and productivity of building occupants will also be discussed. The program will relate to the design of educational facilities hotels churches boardrooms workspaces and general meeting rooms.

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Glenn Collinge

FSR, Inc.


New Advancements and Trends in Projection & LED Technology*

Presented by: Richard Hill from Digital Projection 

CTS RU: 0.75

The class covers new advancements in DLP projection technology to include Modular RGB Laser projectors, the capabilities of modular light sources, installation factors for installing modular projectors with separate light sources, factors to consider when designing and installing a modular system utilizing fibor optic cabling.  The class then shifts to LED Wall technology to include: Pixel-Pitch, how pixel-pitch determines viewing distance, LED Wall Resolution and how it relates to Pixel_Pitch, power for an LED Wall as it compares to projector power, light output as it compares to a projector (explanation of NITS vs Lumens).

*Class only available in Washington D.C


Richard Hill

Digital Projection


Avixa's Women & Diversity Session

Presented by: Alexis La Broi and others in DC, and Christa Bender, in PA


In DC:

All are welcome to join this presentation.  Speakers will speak of their own AV experiences and 

journey.  Representatives of the Diversity Council will talk about how minority AV workers can 

incorporate coping skills to deal with indifference and manage their mental health and power

through to their goals

In PA:

Presentation on how an AV employee can market themselves as  valuable assets in this industry. 

This will help some of the problems AV workers have in marketing their expertise and experience.


Alexis la Broi



Christa Bender

Pivot SLC