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Science of Sound with QTX


Presented by: Michael Cast from Biamp

Understanding the difference between paging, masking, background music zones, and zone configurations.  How Biamp can support all three with one common speaker in the space if needed.

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Mike Cast




Universal Meeting Rooms

Presented by: Steve Samson from Lightware, Inc.

Learn how Lightware’s latest solutions change the game and provide the ability to host any meeting from any device.

Steve Samson

Lightware, Inc.


How to Conduct Successful Site Surveys to Generate More Loudspeaker Sales


Presented by: Mike Marr from Biamp

 This overview touches on topics such as:

  • How does the site survey help close the sale?

  • How much time do you usually get on site?

  • Who is the most important person to meet with?

  • What is needed from the site survey?

  • Pre-Survey Prep

    • What info to collect?

    • What tools are needed?

  • Outdoor surveys

  • Sports, Industrial, Themed Entertainment

  • Indoor Spaces

  • How to identify and describe standard acoustic features & challenges

  • Acoustic Observations at the site

  • Design Resources

  • How Biamp can assist in helping you win more projects.


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Mike Marr



Software-Defined AV: Liberate your Enterprise


Presented by: Michael McCarthy from Utelogy

The rise of manufacturer-agnostic networks among enterprises has been long and steadily increasing. This can be seen in dramatic market growth for such technologies as desktop virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Much of the AV industry continues to be mired in ownership of proprietary boxes and programming languages. However, the surge in open platforms and cloud-based services that have greatly improved other industries has finally made its way into AV in recent years. For the AV industry overall, open technologies are helping organizations move away from their ‘black box’ approach and progress to software-defined AV.

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Michael McCarthy



Biamp Parle Mics: Ceiling, Table-top, Pendant, and Conference Bars

Presented by: Vincent Veneziale from Symco Inc

An overview of the ins and outs of Biamp’s wide variety of mics, highlighting:

  • Beamtracking™ technology

  • Patented Voice algorithms

  • New Biamp Audio Intelligence (AI) Noise Reduction

  • Launch one-touch setup!


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Vincent Veneziale

Symco Inc


The History of ALR/ Ambient Light Rejecting Projection



Presented by: Lisa Kirtley from Screen Innovations


This course will explore the history of Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screens, address the need for ALR materials, take a deep dive into technical specifications and showcase how ALR screens are applicable in real-world scenarios.


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Lisa Kirtley

Screen Innovations

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Understanding Personality Types for Increased Productivity and Success

Presented by: Steve Greenblatt and Brittany DiCesare from Control Concepts


Since the world is comprised of a wide variety of individuals, the ability to get along and thrive in inter-personal situations can be a challenge. This is especially true when considering multi-disciplinary activities or work teams involving sales, marketing, engineering, project management, and programming such as in the AV industry. By understanding how a person is “wired”, challenges can be overcome 

Brittany DiCesare

Control Concepts

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Steve Greenblatt

Control Concepts