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How to be Successful with Parle in 3 Simple Steps

Presented by: Vincent Veneziale from Symco

An overview of how to use the tools Biamp has created to be successful in deploying Parle Mic solutions in 3 easy steps. This class will walk through the basic steps and tools needed to do a proper design and deployment of the Biamp Parle ecosystem.  We will start with how to properly do a site survey, including taking simple acoustic measurements.  Then, we will go over how to use the information in Biamp’s Conference Room Designer, and some tips and tricks on using the software.  We will finish with how we use all the gathered information to quicken the commissioning time, whether using LAUNCH or using custom programming.

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Vincent Veneziale

Symco Inc

Lisa Kirtley

Screen Innovations


The History of Ambient Light Rejection (ALR)

Presented by: Lisa Kirtley from Screen Innovations


Ambient Light Rejection: The history and technical specifications of a screen material designed for any room imaginable. This course also explores the health and wellness aspects of ALR technology.  This course will explore the history of Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screens, address the need for ALR materials, take a deep dive into technical specifications ,and showcase how ALR screens are applicable in real-world scenarios.

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What's New at Biamp? 

Presented by: Mike Marr from Biamp and Vincent Veneziale from Symco

An overview of Lenovo ThinkSmart Core, Parle’ Conferencing Bars, Voltera family of amplifiers, 2’x2’ Drop Ceiling Loudspeaker, Desono loudspeakers, Apprimo Touch 8i (now shipping), and Impera Control.


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Mike Marr


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Vincent Veneziale

Symco Inc


The Significant ROI and TCO Reduction of Managing the Meeting Room and Classroom Estate. 

Presented by: Frank Pellkofer from Utelogy

Review of a TCO/ROI calculator that looks at the estate, the service management workflows, ticketing, MTTD, MTTR, MTTMS, energy management, and more.  This information is then input into the calculator where often, significant savings and meaningful ROI are demonstrated.  This then becomes the basis for managing the estate inside of the ITIL V4 framework.  This is not just a tool but a value approach to conversations every end user and every MSP, IT VAR, SI should be aware of.   

Frank Pellkofer



Biamp in Higher Education: An Interactive Conversation and Product Overview

Presented by: Richard Mitchell from Biamp

Learn more about the new offerings Biamp has announced in 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your next learning space design.  Also, hear from individuals in the higher education segment on their unique needs and wants.

Richard Mitchell.jpeg

Richard Mitchell



USB-C, The Future of Meeting Rooms

Presented by: Marc Jones from Lightware 

Join this fast-paced overview to learn USB-C is changing the game for meeting room technologies and making it easier than ever to create universal meeting rooms that anyone can use, to host any meeting type using all access of the room.

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Marc Jones



Biamps Sound Masking, the 4 W's

Presented by: Bill McCann from Biamp

Generalist discussions of What sound Masking is?  Where it is best deployed?  Who most benefits from its use? And, Why Biamp over the competition?

Bill McCann.jpeg

Bill McCann



NETGEAR AV Product Solution Overview

Presented by: Randy Keener from NETGEAR

AV preferred program overview – Resources: AV Design Team, Pro WIFI Design, Sales & Engineering Team, Product Overview, and Product Demo.

Randy Keener


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