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Symco is an independent manufacturers representative firm responsible for establishing and supporting the integrator and reseller bases of some of today's leading electronics manufacturers. We align ourselves with "Best in Category" audio, video, and data product manufacturers, and then work closely with the consultants, integrators, and resellers to drive awareness, education, and understanding of today's newest communication tools and technologies.

Symco covers the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast territories for our manufacturers and focuses on professional/commercial communication solutions for the education, corporate, government, transportation, medical, business, house of

worship and industrial markets.


Our purpose is to provide communication electronics manufacturers with all of the services of a factory-direct sales and marketing team while offering the cost-effective advantages of an independent representative. We establish,

maintain, train, and support our manufacturers’ reseller bases.  Due to our strong, well-established relationships with the resellers and consultants, we are able to introduce new products and manufacturers, and penetrate markets very quickly.

Our goal is to provide the most value to our Manufacturers by finding, penetrating, building relationships, and influencing every worthwhile solution designer, integrator, and influencer in every feasible market...and to provide the most value to our Consultants, Integrators, and VARs by offering Best-in-Class communication and collaboration manufacturers.

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